For their golden years

senior golden retreiver

As pets age, their body chemistries change, and their healthcare needs do too.

Because our pet’s life span is so short compared to ours, health conditions tend to develop much more rapidly, threatening the health of your pet if unobserved and untreated. At the age of 8, pets are considered seniors and could achieve significant health benefits from wellness exams twice a year so that our veterinarians can have opportunities to minimize potential health risks through early detection and treatment. Over time, you may notice changes in your pet’s normal activity, such as changes is water consumption or appetite, vision or hearing, behavioral changes, dental problems, arthritis, or changes in weight; contact our office and we can determine if your senior has any health challenges.  With appropriate care and nutrition, your dog or cat’s senior years can be a healthy and happy time. 

Your pet has given you a priceless gift – unconditional love. Give your pet the special love and care that can make the “golden years” some of the best.