Feline CARE

Is Essential

cat poking through wall

Cats and dogs are very different animals.

At General Booth Veterinary Hospital, our cat-friendly practice understands that your feline friends need special care to set them at ease. 

Our staff and doctors know that cats have different needs than dogs, and we support every stage of your cat’s life. As your cat grows and progresses through life, it will undergo physiological changes and encounter a wide variety of life events that will require care and attention. From kitten to geriatric cat medicine, consistent preventive care can make all the difference in the quality of your cat’s life.

Cats are experts at hiding illness. Most cats will simply become less active and less interactive when very ill. Signs of illness that a cat may show will be very subtle. Any change in their behavior might be indicative of illness. Because the signs of cat illness are so subtle, if you should notice any obvious changes in behavior, please contact us. Because the medical needs of cats are unique, our cat hospital utilizes specialized equipment, training of employees and facilities specific to felines. We understand the needs of cats and how to keep their stress to a minimum.