Client Information



This New Client Information form consists of four parts to be filled out before your first visit. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Is your primary phone cell or home?
Spayed or Neutered
Is your pet on long-term medications
Are there any chronic problems?
Is your pet allergic to any medications or vaccines
Do we have your permission to post pictures or videos of your pet on our social media?
Preferred means of contact
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VA Vet Disclosure

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PreVisit Questionaire

Is the problem the same, better, or worse?
Has a similar problem happened in the past?
Is your pet on a grain-free diet?
Has your pet been vaccinated recently?
Has their eating changed?
Any weight loss/gain?
Any increase or decrease in water consumption?

Late and No Show Appointment Policy

"Appointment Cancellations less than 24 hours" Policy 2023 If a client arrives more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled 30-minute appointment; and/or we have not been able to reach the client by phone, it is the DVM's discretion if they will need to reschedule their appointment. If the DVM elects to see the late appointment, the client needs to be aware that they will have to be worked into our typically full schedule. There may be a potential wait time of 1 hour or longer. If the client has to reschedule, then the client will be required to prepay a deposit for the exam fee in order to schedule a future appointment.
If a client is a "No Show" for their scheduled appointment, the client will have to prepay a deposit for the exam fee in order to schedule their next appointment.
If an appointment is canceled within less than 24 hours by phone or via Pet Desk, a prepaid exam deposit will be needed to schedule the next appointment.
We would like to thank our clients for entrusting the doctors and staff of General Booth Veterinary Hospital with the care of their pets. We would like to bring attention to a few changes to our hospital policies. Please keep in mind that these changes are necessary for us to provide excellent client and patient care. The current state of veterinary medicine has been challenging. Urgent Care and 24-hour care facilities have seen an increase in their caseloads and a decrease in emergency veterinarians and support staff. These facilities have historically been crucial to assisting general practices with the overflow of emergency and urgent care cases. Medical cases that were typically managed by these urgent care facilities are now being turned away and referred back to the general practices to manage the patient's care. This increases the caseload of the general practice that oftentimes are operating at patient capacity. General practices are typically scheduling routine preventative care and non-urgent appointments 2-4 weeks from the initial appointment request. For this reason, we must operate efficiently in order to provide our clients and patients with the best possible veterinary medical care. For these reasons, we have instituted a Late and No Show Appointment Policy as well as a Cancellation Policy.